13 October 2012

Music on Musicaneo

Why I like this site.

The fact is that I have 45 years of personal music in my archives that I could never publish with a commercial publishing house because there just isn't a large market for this type of classical and folk music, but this music could be interesting and useful to others (students, researchers, teachers, performers, choral groups etc.) for many years to come. I don't pretend to be a music historian as such, but if I have any questions regarding my transcriptions of early music from Italian Libraries, I can always find specialists nearby to help me understand old language usage, Gregorian manuscript etc: many of these works are unknown and unpublished decently, not for musicologists and intellectuals, but to be performed. Many many things are also available on the Library site IMSLP, but they are only photocopies of very old prints, not useful for a performance. Other pieces that I include in my uploads are personal arrangements and original compositions. Musicaneo gives me the opportunity to create an online personal library, every piece in pdf has a catalogue number therefore in my opinion, legally speaking, it could work also as a copyright protection. Then maybe too I'll earn a few dollars on the pieces, but this is not my purpose, that's just an extra. I have tried other sites, various libraries, other storage places etc and I find this as the easiest way to collect and catalogue the works I wish to protect as my own copyright. I truly hope that Musicaneo will never go out of business. The site works very well, it is very fast and pieces have a front page created by the Musicaneo people. Notices of account movements arrive with an email. Can't get better than this. So thank you very much.



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