Tempus Adest Floridum SSAA

Альтернативное название
The Flower Carol
Joan Yakkey
Автор текста
Joan Yakkey
Классика / Вокальная музыка
Фортепиано, Орган, Клавишный инструмент, Женский хор: Сопрано, Альт; Детский хор: Сопрано, Альт
Состав исполнителей
Аккомпанирующее фортепиано, Квартет, Хор
Тип нот
Клавир с вокальной партией
Ля мажор
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Время звучания
Уровень сложности
Средний уровень
Год создания

This is a semi-contemporary setting for four upper voices of the famous 13th century melody, published later in Latin language in the collection Piae Cantiones 1582 as "Tempus Adest Floridum". It is a Spring Carol that celebrates the renewal of nature, the Flowers bloom once more after a harsh winter. Verses 1,2 & 4 have been set.

1. Tempus adest floridum, surgent namque flores, Vernales in omnibus imitantur mores, Hoc, quod frigus laeserat, reparant calores, Cernimus hoc fieri per multos labores.
2. Sunt prata plena floribus iucundo aspectu, Ubi iuvat cernere herbas cum delectu, Gramina et plantulae hieme quiescunt, Vernali in tempore virent et accrescunt.
3. Hae vobis pulchre monstrant Deum creatorem, Quem quoque nos credimus omnium factorem ; O tempus ergo hilare, quo laetari libet, Renovato iam mundo nos novari decet.
4. Terra ornatur floribus et multo decore, Nos honestis moribus et vero amore, Gaudeamus igitur tempore iucundo, Laudemusque Dominum pectoris ex fundo.

1. The time for flowers to bloom has come, Vernal everywhere imitate the behavior, This is because the cold had attacked, replenish the temperatures, We see this happening after much hardship.
2. The meadows are full of flowers, a pleasant sight, Where it helps to see many vegetables, Lawn and small plants rest during the winter, Spring is the season for blooming and growing.
3. These show you God the Creator Whom we also believe to be the Maker of all; Such a merry Time where you'd would be happy Renewed is your world, it behooves us to change.
4. The earth is adorned with flowers and so much beauty, We are morally honest and truly love, Therefore let us rejoice at this jovial time Let us praise the Lord from the breast to the bottom.

Дата публикации: 29 окт 2021
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