01 Februar 2016, Artikel
Signs and Sounds Music Books
Here are some pictures of the GREEN SOLFEGGIO book, volume 3, colored by my students this year: Signs and Sounds Solfegge Coloring books
01 Februar 2015, Artikel
Teaching Material photos
I am so pleased that many teachers have downloaded the pdfs of my BOOKS and STUDIES for children and other music students. I wish to provide some photos for the teachers to look at as examples, to help give some ideas of the process of using these books. This is a SET where you can see work in progress with my students, I will add more photos soon: photos  
24 August 2013, Artikel
Searching for Translator
I am searching for a translator for my libretto to the Oratorio 'The Comet'. I have it in English, it is published here on Musicaneo and I would like to have it translated into German. The libretto is about 12 pages. I will fit the translation into the score myself, I only need the text translated. We can come to an agreement about payment. Thank you. Joan Yakkey, composer living in Florence, Italy.
05 April 2013, Artikel
Reunion with Singers
Reunion "Sister Act" singers
25 März 2013, News
Studiare musica rende super lettori (La Stampa)
Studying music as a child makes you more capable claudia nardi roma I musicisti, si sa, hanno da sempre una marcia in più. Sono numerosi gli studi scientifici che dimostrano le eccezionali capacità possedute da coloro che suonano bene uno strumento, rispetto a chi non sa leggere la musica. Ad avvalorare ulteriormente questa tesi, questa volta, è la ricerca tutta italiana patrocinata dall’Università Bicocca di Milano in collaborazione con il Cnr e pubblicata sulla rivista Neuropsychologia ...
19 März 2013, Artikel
Music Made to Order
I would just like to add that I love arranging music such as folktunes, early choral pieces, baroque selections, instrumental versions, piano arrangements etc. Some people have contacted me, leaving me a message here on musicaneo, for arrangements in different voice settings than what has been uploaded on the site. Feel free to do so, accept the invitation and feel free to ask me to put up a setting of something you can't find, or maybe you need for children's voices for example where you have only a ...
14 März 2013, Artikel
Solfeggio Workbooks and Cards
information on Joan's music workbooks and cards
13 Oktober 2012, Artikel
Music on Musicaneo
The fact is that I have 45 years of personal music in my archives that I could never publish with a commercial publishing house because there just isn't a large market for this type of classical and folk music, but this music could be interesting and useful to others (students, researchers, teachers, performers, choral groups etc.) for many years to come. I don't pretend to be a music historian as such, but if I have any questions regarding my transcriptions of early music from Italian Libraries, I can ...
24 September 2012, Artikel
Short Video about our Choral Tour
I spoke about our tour to Dublin, we had a wonderful time and were able to perform many of my arrangements. It was a huge success, the kids loved singing and loved the pubs. We had wonderful weather!  Here's the Link  http://youtu.be/KHlzG7ilFZk 
12 Juni 2012, Artikel
Brief letter regarding Score Downloads
A few downloads have begun on my new collection of musical scores here on Musicaneo and it makes me happy to think that some of my work through the years is being utilized by others. I must say that mostly what has been offered Free of cost has been downloaded till now, I can understand this perfectly, the world is in deep economic crisis almost everywhere (not in China I believe) but to be fair to the other composers on this site, certain scores that required months of thought, others that are rare, ...
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