19 March 2013

Music Made to Order

Available: different and/or new arrangements on request especially of vocal/choral music, but also instrumental music.

I would just like to add that I love arranging music such as folktunes, early choral pieces, baroque selections, instrumental versions, piano arrangements etc. Some people have contacted me, leaving me a message here on musicaneo, for arrangements in different voice settings than what has been uploaded on the site. Feel free to do so, accept the invitation and feel free to ask me to put up a setting of something you can't find, or maybe you need for children's voices for example where you have only a melody. Or maybe a two part setting of a hymn with a simple keyboard accompaniment for example. For a few dollars (I don't charge more than that basically) I'd gladly write it and add it to my collection here on musicaneo. So leave me a message if you desire. Joan.



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